What’s A Safety Program: Health And Safety Programs Explained

What’s a safety program: health and safety programs explained

Health and safety programs, health and safety management systems, HSEMS, OHSMS. Safety apps, safety software, so many terms. So, what’s a safety program? All good questions. In fact some others likely are, do I or we need one? Is it law that we have one? Is a safety management system better for us?
This video is kicking off a new series titled, Safety Programs Explained. I am going to take the user through the different intricacies, dynamics, terms and components of health and safety programs and management systems from policy all the way through to program review and revision.
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Provoking Safety Merch:

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00:00 – Intro and purpose
01:20 – Health and safety program definitions
02:53 – Do we really need an HSE Program?
04:51 – Is it the same as a HSE Management System?
07:35 – Why an HSE Management System might be better!
08:35 – Can I/We do it ourselves?
10:00 – Additional thoughts and summary
10:55 – Outro


HSE Management System Definition:

An occupational health and safety (OHS) management system encompasses more than just your health and safety program. It includes health and safety policies, systems, standards, and records, and involves incorporating your health and safety activities and program into your other business processes. Having an effective management system improves your ability to continuously identify hazards and control risks in your workplace.

HSE Program Definition Philippines:

The program addresses the incidence of occupational diseases and work-related diseases and injuries among workers through health promotion and protection in all workplaces. It initially focuses on public health workers and informal sector workers including, but not limited to those in agriculture, transport, and small-scale mining. It aims to improve workers’ access to basic occupational health services at the local level.

HSE Program Definition – CCOHS
A health and safety program is a definite plan of action designed to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

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